Art Graphic Design 484

ARTG 484: Senior Graphic Design Project

Prerequisites: ARTG 382 with a grade of "C" or better

Credit Hours: (2)

This is the culminating project of the BFA in Graphic Design degree and is designed to synthesize and integrate the theories and skills of graphic design. Class will focus on exploration of complex design projects from concept to final product, demonstrating the student’s abilities in the following areas: technology, content knowledge, creativity, and organization. Students are required to give both a written and oral presentation of their project. Senior projects are evaluated by all members of the graphic design faculty.


Detailed Description of Course

Student will be required to conceive, create and design a significant, relevant body of work that demonstrates their ability to:

•  Research independently

•  Think critically and to integrate their research into a project-based theme

•  Design and create a significant, integrated body of material that communicates their chosen message in a manner that is accurate, engaging and professional

The Senior Graphic Design Project will begin in the Fall of the student’s senior year with a Senior Project Proposal. This proposal will designate the concept and parameters of the student’s final project and will include preliminary research demonstrating the viability of the concept.

In the spring semester of the student’s senior year, he/she will begin the physical design and creation of the culminating project. This will include a process book detailing the previous research and the design proposal, as well as the expected project outcomes. The process book will also include: preliminary studies and sketches, artistic influences, qualitative audience research, intermediate studies and sketches/schematics, and final designs. All visuals will be annotated and/or explained. Final process book will be printed through a professional online book printer, and the overall design and execution of the process material will form a large part of the student’s Senior Project experience.

The student’s final project will be created and produced using professional materials and techniques and will serve as a demonstration of their ability to think critically and to integrate the theoretical and practical knowledge they have acquired during their undergraduate careers.

Each student will be required to give an oral presentation of their final project to all Graphic Design faculty as well as a small group of graphic design professionals who have volunteered their time for this presentation.

The final presentation of the Senior Graphic Design Project will be a single-evening, off-campus exhibit of all students’ final projects. This exhibit will include a group web site and a printed PR component directed to the regional graphic design professional community (who will be invited to attend).


Detailed Description of Conduct of Course

The Senior Graphic Design Project class will be conducted through individual and group meetings and reviews over the course of the student’s senior year, with most of the work occurring in their final semester.

This is a self-directed course with a strong reliance on the student’s personal initiative and creativity. All work will be done out of the classroom, and peer-review will play an important role as will the usual faculty review.

All Graphic Design faculty will be available for review and comment, but one member will be the leading instructor.


Student Goals and Objectives of the Course

Having successfully completed this course, the student will have physical evidence and personal knowledge of his or her ability to be an individual creative professional; one who is competent to stand on their own and take a major project from start to finish.

Students will:

· Demonstrate correct use of design-specific terminology in the written presentation and analysis of art works

·  Demonstrate the correct use of design-specific terminology in the oral presentation of their work.

·  Demonstrate skilled use of 2-D and 3-D media in the creation of their work

· Demonstrate the ability to prepare proper presentation materials for review

· Exhibit their work in a Senior Project show and/or presentation

·  Demonstrate the use of appropriate responses to professional feedback on their presentation and their work

· Demonstrate the ability to discuss their work in terms of the factors influencing their design (physical, cultural, social, etc)

· Demonstrate the ability to discuss their work in terms of design process (research, analysis, multiple iterations, evaluation, etc)


Assessment Measures

Work will be assessed through student’s oral and physical presentation of their final project.

Assessment criteria may include:

· Demonstration of a sound graphic design process

· Demonstration of good decision-making skills regarding design, subject, and audience

· Professional presentation of physical materials

· Articulate oral presentation and discussion

· Demonstration of originality and creativity

· Demonstration of technical proficiency


Other Course Information



Review and Approval

March 6, 2013