Art Graphic Design 380

ARTG 380: Creativity and Design

Prerequisites: ARTG 281 and ARTG 282 with a grade of "C" or better and a passing grade in ARTG 289 Program Entry Review

Credit Hours: (3)

Introduction of strategies, theories, and exercises pertaining to creativity and ideation. Emphasis is on creative problem solving.


Detailed Description of Course

Creative problem solving, or “thinking out of the box” is the holy grail of any design program.  This class tackles several problem-solving strategies such as Divergent-Convergent thinking, Brainstorming and Mind Mapping.  Concepts such as Brain Plasticity, Neural Programming, Meditative States, Right Brain-Left Brain functions Springboards and Inspiration Triggers are covered.  The importance of Story, Empathy, Creative Play and Observation skills are discussed and explored.  The creative use of imagery is emphasized. The work of current leading thinkers in the field of design theory such as Daniel Pink and Tim Brown is introduced.


Detailed Description of Conduct of Course

The class will explore the strategies and techniques through individual and group exercises and projects, outside research, instructor demos and lectures, case-studies, simulation, oral communication activities and reading assignments.


Student Goals and Objectives of the Course

Having successfully completed this course, the student will be able to apply various creative and ideation techniques in order to enhance both visual and non-visual problem solving abilities. 


Students will demonstrate:

• Correct use of design-specific terminology in the oral presentation of their work

• Skilled use of appropriate 2-D or 3-D media in the creation of their work

• The preparation of proper presentation materials for review

• The use of appropriate responses to professional feedback on their presentation and their work

• The ability to discuss their work in terms of the factors influencing their design (physical, cultural, social, etc)

• The ability to discuss their work in terms of design process (research, analysis, multiple iterations, evaluation, etc)


Assessment Measures

Work may be assessed through a combination of quizzes or exams, small and large projects, oral presentations, and written assignments.


Assessment criteria may include:

• Ability to follow directions

• Demonstration of a sound graphic design process

• Demonstration of good decision-making skills regarding design, subject, and audience

• Professional presentation of physical materials

• Articulate oral presentation and discussion

• Demonstration of originality and creativity

• Demonstration of technical proficiency


Other Course Information



Review and Approval

April 13, 2012