Art Education 340

ARTE 340: Clinical Experience in Art Education

Credit Hours: (3) Three hours assigned clinical experience in public school per week, two hours lecture per week

Combined study and art classroom assistance experience in art education.

Detailed Description of Content of Course

The content of Art 340 - Clinical Experience in Art Education includes the following main topics:

1). The art curriculum - state, school system, school, and classroom.
2). Organizing the art classroom - informational, visual and technological resources, supplies, storage, seating and workspace.
3). Developmental stages of the art student.
4). Managing student behavior in the art classroom.
5). The individual student in the art classroom - average, gifted, mainstreamed, cultural/social background.
6). Content of instruction - art history, studio practice, criticism, aesthetics.
7). Presenting the art lesson.
8). Evaluation of learning and of the art program.
9). The art program and the community.
10). Organizational structure of the school and school system.
11). Professional development of the art teacher - professional organizations, continuing certification and education, the teacher as an artist.

Detailed Description of Conduct of Course

The students will be assigned to observe and assist practicing art teachers and will record their experiences for discussion and critical assessment weekly. The history and literature of art education will be studied and related to the phenomena observed in the classroom.

Observation periods will be scheduled according to the requirements of the cooperating teacher and visitation periods by the Art 340 professor will be scheduled. Following each cumulative three hours of observation, students will meet with the rest of the Art 340 class for discussion and critique of written reports of observations.

Professional educators are invited to the class to lead discussions dealing with management, curriculum, professional standards, current problems in art education or other appropriate areas of importance to teachers of art.

Goals and Objectives of the Course

Through observing, interviewing, assisting art teachers, and teaching art lessons through assigned readings, attending lectures, participating in discussions, and completing writing assignments, the student will develop the knowledge and skills necessary for becoming a thoughtful, successful, and professional art teacher.

Assessment Measures

Art 340 is an experience-based course. The ability to identify specific art teaching skills and responsibilities and to plan for their own personal acquisition of these factors will be evaluated by means of tests, seminars and evaluation of written reports. Final grades will be based upon performance on any examination or papers assigned, cooperating teacher assessment, and critical observation skills apparent in weekly observation reports.

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Review and Approval

October 2, 2012

August 18, 2005 Revision by Dr. Steve Arbury, Chair