Statistics 644

STAT 644: Applied Statistics for Teachers

Prerequisite: Undergraduate degree in mathematics or permission of instructor, some familiarity with basic statistics desirable

Credit Hours: (3)

In this course students will develop a comprehension of, and an ability to perform, statistical methods that are most common in educational research.  Emphases will be placed on statistical concepts that will prepare teachers to teach AP Statistics and to critically examine and comprehend the data analysis in educational literature. Graphing calculators and computer software may be used to analyze and display data.  Lecture and self-directed learning will primarily be used.                   


Detailed Description of Course

Topics may include:

  • Review of probability laws and counting techniques
  • Probability distributions for discrete and continuous random variables
  • Sampling plans and experimental designs
  • Review of descriptive statistics
  • Overview of statistical inference
  • Two-sample t-tests for independent and dependent samples
  • One-way Analysis of Variance
  • Multiple Comparison procedures
  • Simple and multiple regression analysis
  • Correlation analysis
  • Analysis of categorical data
  • Multi-way Analysis of Variance
  • Power and effect size
  • Evaluating experimental and descriptive research studies


Detailed Description of Conduct of Course

Several approaches will be used to conduct this course.  These may include lecture, class discussions, self-directed learning, group activities, and experiential learning opportunities utilizing data collection and analysis and the presentation of such.


Goals and Objectives of the Course

Having successfully completed this course, the student will

  • Think statistically
  •  Possess the knowledge to teach AP Statistics or college-level introductory
  •  Statistics course
  •  Use common statistical methodologies to generate and comprehend educational      
  •  Research


Assessment Measures

Assessments will be conducted using written tests, group presentations, and experiential projects involving data collection and statistical analyses.


Other Course Information

Students may explore the internet for

        1) interesting and appropriate data with which they will perform statistical analyses

        2) interesting and appropriate statistical results in educational literature     


Review and Approval
November 2008