Physics 231

PHYS 231

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PHYS 231. Topics in Applied Physics (1-3).

One to three hours lecture or laboratory equivalent.

Prerequisites: high school algebra and trigonometry.

Application of the principles of physics to a specific field external to the core sciences, or treatment of a physics-based technology important in the modern world. Will not satisfy the requirements for the physics option of the physical science major.


Detailed Description of Content of Course

This course will be able to accommodate a wide range of topics. Two topics which are currently under consideration are: The Physics of Music (or Sound) (three semester hours), and Introduction to Holography (laboratory only, one semester hour). A detailed syllabus will be available after the topic is selected.


Detailed Description of Conduct of Course

This may vary considerably, depending on the number of credit hours, the topic, and the instructor. Specific information can be provided when the course is offered.


Goals and Objectives of the Course

Overall, the goal is to provide a service course in physics appropriate for a wide range of students, including those students who do not often take a physics course. There will, of course, also be specific topic-dependent goals, which will be available after the topic is selected.


Assessment Measures

Depending on the nature of the course, these may vary from traditional testing to the evaluation of semester-long projects. Although this is low-level physics course, the skills traditionally emphasized in a physics course, such as problem solving and quantitative reasoning, will be emphasized in this course as well, and will be assessed by appropriate measures.


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September 27, 2001 Reviewed by Walter S. Jaronski, Chair