Physical Science 601

PHSC 601

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PHSC 601. Seminar
Meets a minimum of 15 hours per semester (1).

Prerequisites: Admission to Graduate College.

Recent developments in Science Education. May be taken up to four times for credit provided the specific topic studied is different each time.


Detailed Description of Content of Course

Varies with seminar topics. (At the end of this syllabus is a description of the Seminar, Science Teaching and the Development of Reasoning.)


Detailed Description of Conduct of Course

The emphasis in the course is on developing the student's understanding of recent trends in science education, encouraging them to respond to those developments, and assisting them in that response in any way possible.

To that end students may be assigned appropriate readings, to be discussed in group sessions, or they may undertake projects, such as assessing or developing curriculum materials or writing grant proposals for teacher training workshops or curriculum development workshops. Particular methods and approaches chosen vary from course to course depending on the needs, interests and talents of the students.


Goals and Objectives of Course

1. To assist in determining strengths and weaknesses in the science education of each individual.
2. To assist each student in fulfilling a portion of his/her needs in science education.


Assessment Measures

Assessment measures vary for each course. If the goal is to assist in process development, then the extent to which process development occurs is assessed. If the goal is to submit a grant proposal to a funding agency, then the goal is met when the proposal is submitted. If the goal is to obtain additional knowledge in some area, the assessment is conducted to determine the extent to which that goal has been achieved.


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September 1991 Revised and updated Franklin Jones, Chair Physical Science Department