Mathematics 681

MATH 681
Topics in Mathematics Education

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MATH 681. Topics in Mathematics Education
Credit Hours (3).

Prerequisite: Permission of instructor

A minimum of 45 contact hours per course. Selected topics in mathematics education. An outline of topics will be made available each time the course is offered. May be taken for credit more than once, providing the topics are different each time.


Detailed Description of Course

The course is intended to provide an opportunity for members of the extended community who currently hold at least a bachelors degree to engage in study of a particular topic in mathematics education, which may include mathematics, pedagogy, or both. It will normally be used to offer in-service courses to public school teachers.


Detailed Description of Conduct of Course

Depending on the instructor, the topic, the circumstances, and the audience, the course could be delivered on campus, at a remote location, over the internet, or in some combination of these. If it is delivered other than on campus, instructors will ensure that all reference materials required will be accessible to all students in the course and that students have adequate opportunity for the sort of contact that office hours provide for on-campus students (e.g., via email, online discussion boards, or chat rooms).


Goals and Objectives of the Course

The specific goals and objectives of the course will depend on the specific topic or topics covered. In general, a student successfully completing the course will have a thorough understanding of one or more topics in mathematics education (which may include mathematics, pedagogy, or both), will be able to discuss the topic knowledgeably, and will be able to present the topic accurately to an audience.


Assessment Measures

Assessment measures will depend on the topic and the instructor. These may include examinations, written papers, oral presentations, class participation, portfolios of topic-related work, or other commonly employed assessments.


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VPAA May 2005