Mathematics 630

MATH 630: Algebra and Functions  

Prerequisite:  Undergraduate degree in mathematics or by instructor permission.

Credit Hours:  3 

This course examines concepts of advanced algebra and algebraic reasoning, function analysis, and linear algebra. This course will emphasize real world applications of each of the topics. This course is meant to build upon students' conceptual knowledge of undergraduate algebraic concepts and linear algebra concepts.

Detailed Description of Content of the Course

The course will emphasize various advanced algebra topics, their real world applications, and their connections to the mathematics classroom. Graphing calculators and/or computer software will be used to facilitate in the analysis where deemed appropriate. The topics of this course will build upon undergradaute concepts and will include, but are not limited to: multiple representations algebraic elements; analysis of function families; advanced matrix operations; vector space properties; and linear transformations, as time permits.

Detailed Description of Conduct of Course

In addition to lecture, students may work individually and collaboratively on assignments created to help students understand the content. Online discussions will be encouraged. Calculators and mathematics software such as Excel will be used to present and work on the material presented in class. A project may be presented by the students on a topic chosen by the instructor.

Goals and Objectives of this Course

Students will develop the interconnections between the multiple representations of algebraic elements and functions. Students will expand their knowledge of concepts of linear algebra and their connection to the secondary mathematics curricula. Students will develop a stronger conceptual understanding of algebraic concepts.

Assessment Measures

Students may be assessed through tests, homework, quizzes, discussions, and/or presentations.

Other Course Information 



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April, 2010