Mathematics 132

MATH 132
Honors Applications of Mathematics

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MATH 132. Honors Applications of Mathematics
Three Lecture Hours (3).

Prerequisite: Honors Academy membership or permission of instructor.

An introduction to the application of mathematical ideas for Honors students.  Topics vary.  This course can be taken more than once with different topics.  This course has been approved for credit in the Mathematical Sciences of the Core Curriculum.


Detailed Description of Course

Topics covered will be determined by the instructor and approved by the Mathematics department chairperson. 


 Detailed Description of Conduct of Course     

Lectures will be given and homework will be assigned.  Other teaching methods, such as group work, may be employed as appropriate.  At least two tests and a final examination will be given, but the course may include quizzes, on-line homework, papers, programs, or other graded material as well.


Student Goals and Objectives of the Course

Students should gain a deeper understanding and appreciation for mathematics and its applications, and some skill in addressing the particular types of quantitative issues included in the course.

  • Math 132 concentrates on applications.  Applications likely to be treated—cryptology is an example—are those which are interesting to many people, can be profitably approached using only elementary mathematics, and reward careful study with deepened understanding and appreciation of the power and beauty of mathematics.

Students will be able to use the tools of mathematics and quantitative reasoning to conceptualize and solve problems.


Students will be able to:

a.       interpret relationships among numeric, symbolic, and graphical information as applied to the real world;
b.       solve problems using numeric, symbolic, and graphical information

 Assessment Measures

Students will be assessed on their knowledge of the topics included in the course using traditional instruments, including at least two tests a final examination.  The course may also include quizzes, homework (possibly online), papers, programs, or other graded material.

Other Course Information

Other Anticipated Resources: None.

All courses must be reviewed departmentally at three-year intervals


Review and Approval


 June 20, 2015