Information Technology 472

ITEC 472: Software Engineering III

Prerequisite: ITEC 471

Credit Hours: (3)

A continuation of principles of software engineering and the design and implementation strategies appropriate for large software projects. This course is intended to provide a large-system capstone experience.

Detailed Description of Content of Course

Topics include:
1. CASE Tools
    a. Requirement Management (e.g., Version One)
    b. Evaluation and Testing (e.g., QaTraq)
2. Agile Software Development Techniques
3. Metrics
    a. Software development metrics
    b. Human-computer interaction metrics
4. Evaluation of Software Systems
    a. Verification and validation
    b. Software quality assurance
    c. Process Improvement – CMMI  
5. Human-Computer Interaction
    a. Usability
    b. Standards, styles, and guidelines
    c. Interaction development process
    d. Evaluation
6. Software Quality Standards
    a. ISO 9000
    b. Six Sigma

Detailed Description of Conduct of Course
The focus of this class is applied software engineering and the development of a large software system. Projects for this course are intended to provide the student a capstone experience using real projects.

Goals and Objectives of the Course

Students who complete the course will be able to:  
1. Work as a part of a team to plan activities, choose leadership, delegate responsibility, and follow a large software development project from inception to completion.
2. Explain planning and estimating metrics (e.g., COCOMO and the Personal Software Process).
3. Effectively communicate technical matters (written and verbally) with programmers, managers, clients, and users.
4. Explain and apply software engineering quality assurance (e.g., measures of product size, quality, and complexity) using techniques such as six sigma, and CMMI.
5. Demonstrate ability to document and apply various testing strategies (e.g., execution and non-execution based testing and user acceptance testing).
6. Demonstrate the ability to perform post-delivery maintenance on software products delivered to actual customers.

Assessment Measures
Participation in the specification, design, and development of a large software project is crucial to the successful completion of this course.

Other Course Information

Review and Approval

Sept. 25, 2001        New Course                John P. Helm, Chair

Revised: June 1, 2012