Information Technology 451

ITEC 451: Network Design and Analysis

Prerequisites: ITEC 122, ITEC 350, either STAT 200 or STAT 301, and one of the following: MATH 169, MATH 152 or MATH 171

Credit Hours: (3)

Covers network design and analysis concepts and tools including optimization and traffic engineering.

Detailed Description of Content of Course
Topics include:
1. Common mistakes in performance evaluation and checklist for avoiding the common mistakes
2. Systematic approach to performance evaluation
3. Traffic engineering (traffic shaping)
4. Introduction to model building
a. Types of models
b. Seven-step model-building process
5. Review of basic linear algebra
6. Introduction to linear programming (LP)
7. Simplex algorithm and goal programming
8. Network models
9. Integer Programming (IP)
10. Review of calculus and probability
11. Game theory
12. Markov chains
13. Queuing theory

Detailed Description of Conduct of Course
Course is conducted using lecture, optimization projects, a research project and a network lab project. In the lab project, students will configure internet routing protocols with at least three domains after building a small local area network. Students will begin the project with cabling and install various operating systems on the computers.

Goals and Objectives of the Course

Students who complete the course will be able to:          
1. Identify common mistakes in performance evaluation and describe how to avoid them.
2. Identify and describe a systematic approach to performance evaluation.
3. Design a network that satisfies a given set of conditions using linear programming, simplex algorithm, integer programming, game theory, and queuing theory.
4. Configure internet routing protocols in a network with at least three domains.

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Review and Approval

October 1, 1991        Updated for 1991-92                   Ivan B. Liss, Chair
May 12, 1994            Reviewed for 1994-95                 Edward G. Okie, Chair
Oct. 30, 1996            Prerequisite change                     Edward G. Okie, Chair
Dec. 6, 1999             Prerequisite change                     Dana J Eckart, Chair
Sept. 25, 2001           Updated                                    John P. Helm, Chair
April 2005                 Updated                                    Robert H. Phillips,
                                                                               Acting Chair

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