Information Technology 315

ITEC 315: Graphical User Interface Design and Implementation.

Prerequisite: ITEC 225

Credit Hours: (3)

A study of graphical user interface (GUI) design and implementation.   Covers platform independent design concepts, frameworks and environments for GUI development, and problems and solutions associated with GUIs in a web environment. One or more Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) will be studied in depth.  Students implement GUIs in a series of software development tasks.

Detailed Description of Content of Course

Topics include:
1. History and Characteristics of User Interfaces
2. Industry Standards for GUIs
3. User Interfaces and Software Architectures including MVC
4. Principles of Good User Interface Design
5. Window and Control Types
6. Understanding the Client and Business Function
7. Overall Screen Composition
8. Concepts in Information Presentation
9. Navigation and User Feedback
10. IDE and Development Framework Tools
11. GUIs, Controls, Validation, and Debugging in a Web Environment
12. State and Security Management in Web Applications
13. Version control software.

Detailed Description of Conduct of Course

Course delivery methods will include classroom lectures and related programming and homework assignments.  Program examples for some problems will be introduced by the instructor. Students will be required to implement problems similar to those discussed in class.  The class may meet occasionally in a computer lab.

Goals and Objectives of the Course

Students who complete the course will be able to:
1. Design an effective and aesthetically sound GUI that, where required, adheres to standards for a given environment.
2. Evaluate the quality of a GUI using principles of good GUI design.
3. Implement a GUI design using an Integrated Development Environment(IDE).
4. Explain the challenges of and solutions for delivering sound GUIs in a web environment.
5. Design and implement effective GUIs in a web environment.
6. Describe and explain the relative advantages and disadvantages of competing methods for user interface integration and independence within an overall software design.
7. Demonstrate the use of version control software for managing software changes.

Assessment Measures

Students must be evaluated based on programming assignments and tests.  The instructor may also use quizzes or other assessment strategies.

Other Course Information


Review and Approval

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