Information Technology 210

ITEC 210: Design and Development of Visual Systems

Prerequisite: ITEC 120 (Grade of “C” or better).

Credit Hours: (3)

Introduction to the principles of visual programming including general software engineering principles, user interface design principles, and application of visual programming language.


Detailed Description of Content of Course

The topics include:

1. Software Engineering Principles

        a. Software Engineering Life Cycles
        b. Requirements Analysis
        c. Design of Visual Systems
        d. Implementation Strategies for Visual Systems
        e. Evaluation and Validation Strategies for Visual Systems
        f. Documentation and Help Facilities

2. User Interface Design Principles

        a. Usability
        b. User Interface Evaluation
        c. Standards, Styles and Guidelines

3. Visual Programming Language


Detailed Description of Conduct of Course

This course will be taught in a lecture format. However, a great deal of emphasis will be placed on the application of the Visual Basic language to a series of exercises. It may be useful to have this class meet in a lab setting from time to time.


Goals and Objectives of the Course

To introduce the student to general principles of software engineering and user interface design while also giving them a strong programming background in a visual programming language.


Assessment Measures

Students will be evaluated based on several programming assignments and examinations.


Other Course Information

This course will be taught on a non-Unix based platform.


Review and Approval

Sept. 25, 2001 Updated John P. Helm, Chair

Revised: June 1, 2012