Geospatial Science 498

GEOS 498

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GEOS 498. Independent Study
Credit Hours (1-6).

See “Independent Study” in current catalog.


Detailed Description of Content of Course

The student works closely with a faculty member to define the topic to be studied. The topic should reflect either a more in depth or advanced investigation of subject matter or mastery of technical skills than can be obtained in regular classes or an investigation into a topic not addressed in the regular curriculum.


Detailed Description of Conduct of Course

The student works as independently as possible to complete the study, meeting regularly with the supervising faculty member to monitor progress. Specific requirements are negotiated with the supervising faculty at the time application is made to conduct the study. The nature of the work will vary according to the topic, goals, and objectives set by the applicant and must be approved by the Department Curriculum Committee prior to the deadline for adding courses in the term in which the study will be undertaken.


Goals and Objectives

Students will learn to propose, design, and implement a research project or program of skills development. They will gain greater knowledge on a particular topic and/or develop more advanced skills using specific geographic technologies. The actual goals and objectives depend upon the nature of the work to be undertaken.


Assessment Measures

Assessment measures appropriate to the study undertaken will be negotiated as part of developing the independent study proposal. The final products may include, but are not be limited to, written reports, annotated bibliographies, oral presentations at professional meetings, maps and/or GISs.


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Review and Approval

September 2005 Reviewed Bernd H. Kuennecke

February, 2010