Geospatial Science 495

GEOS 495

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GEOS 495. Directed Field Research (T)
Credit Hours (1-6).

Field course, variable number of weeks. Field course to regions in the United States and elsewhere in the world. (May be taken twice for credit, no more than six units may be used to meet requirements for the major.)


Detailed Description of Content of the Course

The course will focus on a geographic region of the United States or elsewhere in the world and is designed to allow students to directly observe and experience the various geographic features of that region. During the course the students will have the opportunity and obligation to carry out empirical studies of their chosen topical area of study which they may have started working on during a required seminar in the preceding semester. While in the selected geographic regions students will pursue in depth their respective research topics under the direction of the instructor, including:

(a) gathering of up-to-date information
(b)sharing this new information with the class
(c) keeping a written journal of the experiences
(d) formulating and writing a final paper on the topic of their choice.


Detailed Description of Conduct of the Course

The course utilizes lectures by the instructor, presentations by students on their research, presentation by selected key persons in the selected geographic region, and the discussion of issues resulting from carrying the respective research topics beyond the scope of the preceding seminar.


Goals and Objectives of the Course

This course is designed to give students the opportunity for direct empirical observation. Most of the students' learning about landforms, land use, primary, secondary and tertiary economic activities, etc. has been from theoretical studies. This course will enable them to actually see and experience a geographically diverse region. As geographers, students need the actual contact in the field, since our discipline relies to a significant degree upon empirical observations and the combination of theoretical research and field verification.


Assessment Measures

Assessment of the student's success in the course is based on the grade for the final report and the grades from the students participation in research efforts and discussions.


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September 2005 Reviewed Bernd H. Kuennecke

February, 2010