Geospatial Science 361

GEOS 361
Public Lands


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GEOS 361 Public Lands
Three hours lecture (3)

Prerequisite: Junior or Senior standing or permission of instructor.

This course presents an overview of the nations' major public lands systems.  It covers history of the federal lands, legal and institutional framework, and planning and management concepts and processes such as environmental impact analysis.  Current policy issues will be examined from several perspectives.


Detailed description of course

The course will cover the: history of the public domain; the current legal and institutional framework for management for the major public lands systems; decision criteria and techniques for planning and management; current issues in public lands management; and the future of the public lands.


Detailed description of conduct of course

The course will be primarily lecture and discussion of readings. Experiential learning components will include field trips and service learning projects, as funding and opportunities permit.


Assessment measures

Having successfully completed this course, students will understand, and be able to communicate with others about, the management framework, objectives, and methods used on the federal lands; and will improve their critical and analytic thinking through reading, writing, and discussion.

Appropriate assessment measures include graded tests, quizzes, written assignments and projects.


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September 2005 Bernd H. Kuennecke

February, 2010