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GEOL 698. Directed Study
Hours and credits to be arranged (1-4).

Prerequisites: Permission of the instructor.

Approval of the advisor, department chair, and dean of the College of Graduate and Extended Education.Provides graduate students opportunity to work individually with faculty members on topics of mutual interest. See Directed Study on p. 46


Detailed Description of Content of Course

The Directed Study is a course designed by the student after thorough consultation with the professor who will supervise the study. Before registering for a Directed Study, the student must submit a written proposal for approval by the supervising professor, the advisor, the department chair, the dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, and the dean of the College of Graduate and Extended Education.

A Directed Study cannot be used to replace a required course in the Environmental and Engineering Geosciences graduate program of studies.

A Directed Study grade will be recorded as "pass" or "fail." The credit hours will be counted towards graduation if the student receives a passing grade, but the course will not enter into the determination of the student's grade point average.

A single Directed Study can carry from one to four semester hours of credit. A maximum of six semester hours of credit in Directed Studies (and/or independent studies) can be used towards graduation in a degree program.

Once the nature of the Directed Study is agreed upon by the student and the supervising professor, the student will complete six copies of a form available in the College of Graduate and Extended Education office. This form includes the purpose and title of the Directed Study, the number of semester hours of credit to be given for the study, and a brief statement about the nature of the study. The form must be signed by the supervising professor, the student's advisor, the department chair, and the dean of the College of Arts and Sciences before it is submitted to the dean of the College of Graduate and Extended Education.

One copy of the approved Directed Study proposal must be given to the Registrar before the student can register for the Directed Study. This proposal should be submitted at least two weeks before the end of the semester preceding the semester during which the Directed Study will be performed.


Detailed Description of Conduct of Course

Independent study


Goals and Objectives of the Course

The major goals and objectives will be determined by the instructor and student.


Assessment Measures

Special project and/or written examination, depending on the interest and needs of the student.


Other Course Information

Attendance Policy: not applicable

Honor Code

By accepting admission to Radford University, each student makes a commitment to understand, support and abide by the University honor code without compromise or exception. This class will be conducted in strict observance of the honor code. Refer to your student handbook for detail.


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March 1999