Geology 697

GEOL 697
Environmental and Engineering Geosciences Graduate Internship


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GEOL 697 Environmental and Engineering Geosciences Graduate Internship
Three to six credit hours (3-6). Each semester hour credit is the equivalent of 80 hours of internship experience.

Prerequisites: Two semesters of graduate course completed; courses taken must include GEOL 555 and GEOL 574. Approval of Geology Graduate Studies Committee in the semester prior to registration.

A professional experience in the area of environmental and engineering geosciences. Student supervised by a professional staff member at the work site and a member of the Graduate faculty in Environmental and Engineering Geosciences. Grade for course(s) recorded a letter grade.


Detailed Description of Content of the Course

The purpose of the Environmental and Engineering Geosciences internship is to enable the student to deepen his/her knowledge and experience concerning the type of activities occurring in today’s workplace. Emphasis is placed on knowledge application and skills development during the placement period. The intern is expected to experience a wide range of the professional activities at the facility in which he/she is located.


Detailed Description of the Conduct of Course

The student will be responsible for finding a position with an organization in the field of environmental and engineering geosciences. Placement may occur when the participating organization agrees to structure a learning experience that provides the student with a comprehensive view and meaningful work activities pursuant to the organization’s professional tasks. It is expected that the student will experience as many as possible of the work activities within the organizational unit where he/she is located.

Student applicants must be interviewed and accepted into the internship program by both the Geology Graduate Studies Committee as well as the participating agency. Students must meet the qualifications of the participating organization such as age, citizenship, physical condition, dress and conduct codes.

Prior to the interview with the Geology Graduate Studies Committee, the student must submit to the committee a written internship proposal that includes the following; a list of graduate courses taken and grades received, the name and functions of the participating organization, name and contact information of the workplace supervisor, the activities to be preformed by the intern, and the educational goals and objectives of the internship placement.

Students will be in at least weekly contact with the faculty supervisor. A designated agency supervisor must provide on-the-job instruction and guidance, and is otherwise responsible for structuring a complete learning experience. (This will be done in cooperation with the faculty supervisor.) The faculty supervisor will be responsible for monitoring each intern to ensure a high-quality experience for the student as well as to handle any problems that may occur from time to time.

A final evaluation of the student is completed by the organization prior to his/her termination and forwarded in writing to the faculty supervisor. Interns are responsible for keeping a daily log and must submit a written paper and oral presentation at the end of the work experience.

Students who have been working in a full-time or part-time capacity for an organization may not do an internship at that organization unless overall functions and responsibilities change significantly.


Goals and Objectives of the Course

The intern is to develop skills and expertise in the area of environmental and engineering geosciences in which he/she does the internship, by functioning in an on-site location.


Assessment measures

In consultation with the university faculty advisor, the student’s on-the-job performance will be evaluated by the on-site supervisor who will examine work samples and observe the intern at work in a variety of job settings. In addition, the student will keep a daily journal, prepare a written report, and orally present the results of the internship activities. The faculty supervisor will assign the final grade, and may choose other assessment measures deemed appropriate to a specific internship.


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December 2000 Approved by chair