Geology 691

GEOL 691

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GEOL 691. Seminar in Geosciences
Three hours lecture (1-6).

Prerequisites: Graduate standing.

Presentation and discussion of current topics in various areas of Geosciences which are not considered in other courses. Content varies from semester to semester. A single topic or area will be selected by the instructor for discussion during the semester based on current student interest and current developments in Geosciences. May be taken more than once.


Detailed Description of Content of Course

Each seminar course will include a description of the course's content, primary and secondary readings, and professional activities in which the student will engage. These activities may include discussion, research, presentations, interaction with professionals in the field, review of professional journals, and case studies.


Detailed Description of Conduct of Course

The conduct of the course will vary with each topic. Seminars generally attempt to be interactive learning experiences, emphasizing student research, classroom discussion, and preparation of lab reports or research papers.


Goals and Objectives of Course

Specific student outcomes will vary with the subject matter each time the course is offered. The general goals are:

- students will demonstrate a mastery of knowledge concerning a topic of current interest in Geosciences that is not covered extensively in the regular curriculum.

- students will show skills in the use of the geologic literature, in the writing of a proper scientific report, and in the oral discussion of a particular topic.


Assessment Measures

The professor teaching the seminar course is responsible for evaluating the performance of the student. Exact measures will vary according to the professor and chosen topic. General assessment measures would be:

  • graded exercises concerning use of equipment or identification and analysis of geologic materials
  • examinations measuring student understanding and synthesis of the course content
  • written reports and/or oral presentations discussing data and conclusions concerning the topic of study


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