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GEOL 495



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GEOL 495.  Internship in Geology.  (1-6)


Prerequisites:  8 credit hours in Geology or other laboratory science, 2.5 GPA in Geology courses, and permission of the department chair.


Involves the application of skills and concepts learned in the classroom and laboratory in a real world situation through full- or part-time placement in a professional setting with a company or organization doing work in some area of geology.  Students will be supervised by both the internship site personnel and by a geology faculty member.  This course is offered for a pass/fail grade only.



 Detailed Description of Content of Course          

Topics will vary with the nature of the internships.


 Detailed Description of Conduct of Course

Any internship will involve the application of geology concepts.  These applications will vary with the nature of the internships.

 Goals and Objectives of the Course

An internship will provide practical experience and career preparation.

Assessment Measures         

The student will be required to submit a daily log of activities as well as a final report on the internship experience to the department chair at the completion of the internship.  An evaluation letter from the onsite supervisor indicating acceptable job performance will also be submitted.  The student will be assigned a grade on a pass/fail basis.


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October, 2007