Chemistry 481

CHEM 481
Undergraduate Research

1. Catalog Entry

CHEM 481
Undergraduate Research

Credit hours (1-3)
Prerequisite: CHEM 301 or permission of instructor

A laboratory experience where the student performs self-directed chemical research with the guidance and supervision of a faculty mentor.
2. Detailed Description of Course

The course provides the student the opportunity to conduct scientific research with a faculty mentor.  This course allows students to reinforce chemical knowledge, develop laboratory and professional skills, and experience the excitement of scientific discovery.  Content will vary depending on the nature of the research, but activities could include:
    1) Performing literature searches on the research topic.
    2) Conducting laboratory work necessary to fulfill the research objective.

3. Detailed Description of Conduct of Course

CHEM 481 is predominately a laboratory course that introduces the student to conducting chemical research. One semester hour is equivalent to a minimum of three hours per week of laboratory work. The student may take CHEM 481 for a maximum of six semester hours.

4. Goals and Objectives of the Course

After successful completion of CHEM 481, the student will be able to:
    1) Conduct independent research under the direction of faculty member.
    2) Identify the rewards and frustrations of research.
    3) Use critical thinking skills.
    4) Design, conduct and interpret the results of laboratory investigations, including modern instruments.

5. Assessment Measures

Assessment of the student’s success in the course is based on the student’ ability to conduct independent research and the results of a written research report.

6. Other Course Information


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March 2012

September 2001