Chemistry 450

CHEM 450
Career and Professional Development

1. Catalog Entry

CHEM 450
Career and Professional Development

Credit hours (2)
Prerequisites: CHEM 302

This course will provide the student with an opportunity to learn and develop skills to aid in the transition from undergraduate to post-graduate study or employment.  

2. Detailed Description of Course

An outline of the topics covered:
    1) How Chemistry Can Impact Contemporary Issues in Society
    2) Career Planning and Placement
    3) Professional Ethics
    4) Evaluating Graduate and Professional Schools
    5) Producing Effective Visual and Oral Presentations
    6) Critically Evaluating and Discussing Presentations

3. Detailed Description of Conduct of Course

Students will meet three hours per week. The first phase of the course will focus on how to search for appropriate job openings and apply to post-graduate studies. Also during this phase, students will be required to prepare application packages, which may include items such as resumes, cover letters, research interests and experience, and identifying persons of reference. The second phase of this course will require students to work as a team and use their chemical knowledge to research a contemporary issue in chemistry. Their research will culminate in an oral presentation where the team of students will not only define the issue, but also provide possible solutions to the issue. In addition to the in-class activities, students will be expected to attend chemistry seminars and provide evaluations of these seminars.  

4. Goals and Objectives of the Course

After successful completion of the course, the student will be able to:
    1) Relate chemical knowledge to current issues in society
    2) Create an appropriate and professional resume
    3) Effectively search and apply for employment or a post-graduate program
    4) Produce professional presentations
    5) Constructively and critically evaluate the work of peers and professionals

5. Assessment Measures

Assessment of the student’s success in the course is based on performance in and the preparation of oral presentation and other materials and attendance and participation in class and related activities outside of class meetings.

6. Other Course Information


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