Biology 698

BIOL 698
Directed Study

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BIOL 698. Directed Study
Credit Hours (1-4).

Prerequisite: Approval for directed study.

An opportunity to pursue research or other advanced scholarly study in biology. Hours and credit to be arranged in consultation with the faculty member with whom the student will work on the directed study. May be repeated for a maximum of six hours of credit to count toward the degree.


Detailed Description of Course

This course is designed to cover a broad range of scholarly activities. A course outline will be created and customized for individual students each time the course is offered. Interested graduate students should propose the course content and create the course in consultation with the supervising faculty member.


Detailed Description of Conduct of Course

The course is a semi-autonomous research project on a topic of interest to the student. The course may be conducted as, but is not limited to, a shadowing/internship experience with a professional, an introduction to problems, methods and scientific literature, directed reading, dissection, developing new educational methods and materials or original field, laboratory or library biological research resulting in written and/or oral communications of the results.


Goals and Objectives of the Course

The Directed Study course provides an opportunity for students seeking graduate level coursework in biology to explore the problems, methods, and literature used in specific areas of research or other scholarly activities related to biology and to prepare students to undertake careers as professional biologists.


Assessment Measures

Assessment methods will vary depending on the specific content of the course, but in general, students will be expected to demonstrate mastery of the problems, methods, and literature of a discipline in biology.


Other Course Information

BIOL 698 may be repeated for credit if the nature of the directed study is different.


Review and Approval

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VPAA April 2005