Marketing 641

MKTG 641: Marketing Management

Prerequisites: MBA status or permission of the instructor

Credit Hours: (3)

This course teaches students the art and science of selecting target markets and acquiring and maintaining profitable customers in a socially responsible and ethical manner. Case studies, experiential projects, simulations, and marketing planning assignments may be used.


Detailed Description of Content of the Course

The purpose of this course is to help the student gain and apply the marketing knowledge and skills needed to establish and maintain customer relationships from a managerial perspective. Building on the basic principles of marketing, this course focuses on the development, implementation and control of innovative strategic marketing plans within the framework of dynamic business environments with the aid of a variety of analytical techniques. The marketing planning process is presented with particular attention paid to the practice of ethical behavior in business relationships with customers, members of the supply chain and competitors. The course includes coverage of organizational issues pertaining to the integration of marketing activities within the overall framework of organizations as well as leadership and communication skills necessary to effectively implement market-based strategies.


Detailed Description of Conduct of the Course

Learning is accomplished using a variety of pedagogical methods, including but not limited to class lectures and discussions, in-class and out-of-class experiential team projects, simulations, case analysis and marketing planning.


Goals and Objectives of the Course

At the conclusion of the course the student will:

  • Be able to develop a market-based marketing plan
  • Make more intelligent decisions as a marketing manager
  • Understand and use various analytical techniques used for planning, evaluation and control
  • Understand the social and ethical consequences of marketing activities
  • Understand the process of integrating marketing activities within organizations
  • Demonstrate leadership and communication skills necessary to effectively implement market-based marketing plans
  • Assess the impact of marketing activities on financial performance


Assessment Measures

Assessment of learning outcomes is based on student performance on examinations, case analyses, class participation, team projects, research reports, marketing plans, and/or class presentations.


Other Course Information


Review and Approval

November 2004, reviewed and approved by the Dept. of Management and Marketing faculty