Marketing 488

MKTG 488H. Final Honors Project

Prerequisites: Completion of business core, enrollment in the Honors Academy, senior standing, a minimum 3.5 GPA in all courses and in marketing

Credit Hours: (3)

Semester offered: As approved by Department

Research project in Marketing. In order to receive honors credit, a student must earn a grade of "A" or "B" for the final project. Course may not be repeated.

Detailed Description of Content of the Course

Eligible students may earn credits by writing an undergraduate thesis. The student works with a professor of choice, subject to approval of the Department Chair. A proposal for the thesis must be approved by the department chair before registration is final. The finished thesis must be approved by the supervising professor, department chair and the University Honors Council.

Detailed Description of Conduct of the Course

Detailed description of the conduct of the course will be arranged by the student and agreed to by the professor, the department and the Honors Council.

Goals and Objectives of the Course

The objective of the Honors Program is delineated in the catalog. Specifically, the objectives of the Final Honors

Project course are to:

• Demonstrate individual research skills in any one of a variety of methods and marketing areas.
• Complete an Honors Project working collaboratively with a Marketing Faculty member.
• Analyze an area of marketing for much deeper understanding than available in normal course work.
• Combine studies in other areas and integrate them into a meaningful piece of original work.

Assessment Measures

The thesis must be approved by the supervising professor, department chair and the Honors Council.

Other Course Information

Review and Approval

10-18-04, reviewed and approved by the Dept. of Management and Marketing faculty
11-04-2011, reviewed and approved by the Department Marketing faculty
March 20, 2012 Revised