Marketing 101

MKTG 101: Creativity and Innovation (GE)

Credit Hours: (3)

Creativity and innovation theories, processes, and skills are studied and developed using a variety of pedagogical methods.

Note(s): General Education and Cultural or Behavioral Analysis designated course.

Detailed Description of Course

Creativity and innovation theories, processes, and tools are studied using a variety of learning approaches inside and outside the classroom. Major emphasis is placed on acquiring and enhancing creative problem-solving skills using individual and team-based experiential exercises. Creative and innovative thinking skills will be developed for self-improvement purposes. The class also provides opportunities to enhance oral, written, and technology skills.

Detailed Description of Conduct of Course

This course will be taught using a variety of materials and exercises, including lectures for key concepts and processes, video and audio for examples, and in class and out of class experiential exercises to enhance student understanding and skill. Due to the subject matter, a variety of non –traditional pedagogy, guest speakers and teaching environments will be sued.

Student Goals and Objectives of the Course

In completing this course students will learn:
a. Theories and frameworks explaining creative thinking, problem solving, and innovation;
b. Common barriers to creativity and innovation;
c. Creative process and innovation strategies used to generate, evaluate, and implement new ideas;
d. Traits and skills critical to creativity and innovation.

Assessment Measures

Assessment measures will include pre-and post-class creativity skill tests, weekly experiential exercises completed inside and outside the classroom, and applied individual and team creative projects. Students will compile and present a portfolio of their work for assessment.

Other Course Information

This class will be enhanced with technology by integrative multi-media presentation materials and methods, and by requiring students to participate in out of class presentations, performances, and activities.

Review and Approval

April 13, 2012

March 01, 2021