Management 685

MGNT 685: Strategic Management

Prerequisites: MBA status or permission of the instructor, ACTG 611, FINC 631, MGNT 624, MKTG 641

Credit Hours: (3)

Integrates graduate business courses in a top level strategy development course. Emphasis on environmental analysis and decision making. A capstone course; must be taken during or after the term in which the last required MBA course is taken.

Detailed Description of Course

Outline of Major Topics:

    Anatomy of Business Policy
    Environmental Analysis
    Internal Analysis
    Strategic Forecasting
    Evaluating Strategy and Options
    Implementation and Control of Strategy
    Business Ethics and Societal Responsibility
    Global Strategic Management
    Future Directions

Detailed Description of Conduct of Course

By completing the course, the student will be able to utilize a full range of management tools for decision making. He/she will use a case analysis course augmented by lectures, presentations, research projects, and other outside assignments to integrate various business disciplines. The range of cases discussed vary from small businesses to giant multinational corporations. Student participation in the class will lead to attainment of analytical and communication skills required in business solutions.

Goals and Objectives of Course

Tie together what students have already learned in the various functional areas of business and to apply these concepts in real-world case situations. Link learned theories with business practice. Integrate domestic applications with those of the international business community. Place students in the position of organizational decision-makers in order to develop their ability to make decisions based on available information while considering the impact of these decisions on corporate goals and society. Strengthen student capabilities to analyze facts to identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats in an organization's environment.

Assessment Measures

Assessment will be based on the student's participation in class, analytical skills in preparing cases and projects, discussions of cases and other materials, oral and written presentations, in-class tests, a final examination, and other projects as assigned.

Other Course Information

Outside presenters, videotapes illustrated business strategy concepts, and use of computer tools and software will be used depending on the projects selected by the instructor.

Review and Approval

March 1999 Revised