Management 457

MGNT 457: Technology and Innovation Management

Prerequisite: Junior standing

Credit Hours: (3)

The management of innovation and technology is becoming increasingly important and pervasive in the complex and challenging technology-based business environment. This course emphasizes the role of innovation and emerging technologies in competitiveness and how they impact the strategic and operational objectives of an organization.  

Detailed Description of Content of Course

The major topics offered in the course are:

• Gaining and sustaining competitive advantage through technology and innovation.
• Creating agility and promoting innovation in the organization.
• Design and implementation technology strategy.
• The role of technology in designing a customer centric enterprise.
• Using technology to build collaborative partnerships.
• The impact of electronic supply chain management systems on the organization.
•  Process innovation and selecting processes for innovation
• Integrating the organization from end to end with enterprise resource planning.

Detailed Description of Conduct of Course

The course will be conducted in an active learning environment and will consist of lectures, class discussions, and case studies and presentations.

Goals and Objectives of the Course

At the end of the semester and upon satisfactory completion of the course requirement students will be able to demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of:

• The impact of globalization on the competitive nature of modern organizations.
• The strategic role of technological innovations in the global marketplace.
• Managerial initiatives and innovations to improve business profitability.
• Key drivers of business success in both domestic and global business environment.
• Various business solutions such TQM, ESCM, EB, ERP/ERPII, and CRM used in organizations.
• The overall impact of technology and integrated management systems on the efficiency and the effectiveness of business operations.

Assessment Measures

Student learning will be assessed through exams, homework assignments, case analysis, and class presentations.

Other Course Information

Review and Approval

Department of Management, approved February, 2010
March, 2010