College of Business & Economics 601

COBE 601
The Business of Aging

1. Catalog Entry

COBE 601
The Business of Aging

Credit hours (3)
Prerequisites: Graduate Standing – Enrollment preference will be provided to students enrolled in the Gerontology Certificate program

Examines gerontology issues from a business perspective.

2. Detailed Description of Course

The Business of Aging examines the creation and ongoing management of organizations in systems that deal with the elderly. The course will provide an overview of business topics for students enrolled in the RU Gerontology Certificate program. Possible topics may include: analytical tools for business, financial management principles, integrated marketing efforts, legal environment implications, organizational behavior and leadership theory, and strategic leadership of the firm.

3. Detailed Description of Conduct of Course

COBE 601 will be offered in a hybrid mode, allowing participation by students in remote locations. Due to varied subject content, the course will be team taught by COBE faculty from multiple business disciplines. The content of the course will be conveyed in a series of weekly modules oriented around the subject areas described above.

4. Goals and Objectives of the Course

Upon completion of this course, students should be able to:
    1) Formulate strategic alternatives to maximize organization effectiveness.
    2) Argue the ethical and legal issues of serving aged populations.
    3) Interpret analytical tools to determine system efficiency.
    4) Assess the accounting and financial health of the firm.
    5) Evaluate effective marketing and social media tools.
    6) Apply leadership principles to different organizational situations.

5. Assessment Measures

May include, but are not limited to: comprehensive examinations, case analyses, course participation/discussion postings

6. Other Course Information


Review and Approval

April 21, 2015