College of Business & Economics 152

COBE 152: Environment, Ethics, and Governance

Credit Hours: (1)

Students are exposed to a variety of issues relating to ethical dilemmas in the workplace. Activities include attending speaking events and discussing current events pertaining to ethics. A grade of Pass or Fail is given.

Detailed Description of Course

The course initiates students to the various aspects of ethical decision making they will encounter in later courses and eventually the workplace. Also fosters a common language in addressing ethical aspects of business. Each student will read materials and attend public speaking events on and/or off campus. Class meetings will be used to discuss readings and speakers’ topics. A grade of Pass or Fail will be assigned for this course.

Detailed Description of Conduct of Course

Course relies on discussions of presentations and readings pertaining to ethical issues commonly encountered in the business world. There will be significant interaction between business practitioners and students.

Goals and Objectives of the Course

Having successfully completed this course, students will gain an understanding of:
• Common ethical dilemmas
• Difference between ethical and legal
• Framework for understanding ethical behavior
• Ethical decision making

Assessment Measures

Students will be evaluated using a variety of methods including but not limited to participation in discussions with business practitioners and reflective papers outlining discussions.

Other Course Information

The student will be graded on a Pass-Fail basis.  

Review and Approval

July, 2010