College of Business & Economics 151

COBE 151: Service Learning

Credit Hours: (1)

Participation in a meaningful service project of benefit to the community. A grade of Pass or Fail is given.

Detailed Description of Course

Students will volunteer for a community service project approved by the instructor.  The project must involve some form of meaningful community service, and the student must devote a minimum of 40 hours to the project over the course of the academic term. Following conclusion of the project the student will submit a reflection paper explaining what the student learned from the project and how it was beneficial to the community and the student. A grade of Pass or Fail is given.

Detailed Description of Conduct of Course

COBE 151 is a participatory course. The student will be actively involved with a community service agency or organization, performing meaningful work that will be of benefit to the agency or organization and to the community at large.

Goals and Objectives of the Course

Having successfully completed this course, students will have learned about civic responsibility, the value of community service, and the difference that a single individual can make by becoming involved in his or her community.

Assessment Measures

The students will be evaluated on their performance in the project and on the quality of the reflection paper.

Other Course Information

The student will be graded on a Pass-Fail basis.  

Review and Approval

July, 2010