Accounting 311

ACTG 311: Cost Accounting

Prerequisites: ACTG 212

Credit Hours: (3)

Principles and procedures of determining cost in a manufacturing concern. Course devoted primarily to a study of job order, process and standard costing.


Detailed Description of Content of Course

1. Cost Accounting Concepts
2. Material Costs
3. Labor Costs
4. Factory Overhead
5. Process Cost Accounting
6. Job Order Cost Accounting
7. Standard Cost Accounting Methods
8. Standard Cost-Analysis of Variances
9. Budgeting


Detailed Description of Conduct of Course

Most of the course is conducted through the lecture method. Some nontraditional methods such as, writing of reports and oral communication are also used.


Goals and Objectives of the Course

1. To introduce accounting and other interested majors to cost accounting concepts and procedures.
2. Students should be able to account for materials, labor and overhead; understand how to implement a job order or process cost system; to develop and implement standards and analysis variances; and to develop a master and flexible budget.


Assessment Measures

Graded assignments may include in-class tests, a final examination, pop quizzes, the assignment and presentation of problem exercises, papers, and class preparation and participation.


Other Course Information



Review and Approval

Date Action Reviewed by
September 2001 Reviewed Dr. Dan Davidson, Chair