Spanish 460

SPAN 460: Special Topics

Prerequisites: SPAN 300 and Spanish 320 or equivalent

Credit Hours: (3 or 4) Three or four hours lecture

Advanced topics in culture, literature or language. All work conducted in Spanish. May be taken twice for credit.


Detailed Description of Content of Course

Since the topic will vary each time the course is offered, a syllabus will be submitted to the Department Chairman and Curriculum Committee six weeks before the course is taught.


Detailed Description of Conduct of Course

This course will be conducted entirely in Spanish and requires active class participation. Although one third of the contact hours would have to be categorized as “lecture,” about two thirds of class time is devoted to open discussion of selected topics either in groups of three students or in a general class setting.

In this course the student will write a researched critical essay, give an oral report, and take two tests and a comprehensive final examination. The final project on one of the assigned topics should conform to the MLA Handbook for Research Papers and should not exceed ten type-written pages, excluding notes and bibliography. All projects must be written in Spanish and approved by the professor teaching the course.


Goals and Objectives of the Course

1) Students will be able to read at the advanced level through systematic class discussions of assigned reading materials.
2) Students will be able to develop stronger analytical and synthesizing skill.
3) Students will be able to discuss concrete and abstract topics in Spanish.
4) Students will develop critical methods for analyzing different texts and for writing a research paper.


Assessment Measures

Listening, speaking, writing, and reading comprehension are tested in class communication activities, oral reports, written assignments and tests.

  • Researched critical essay, oral reports, and class participation 30%
  • Exams I and II 40%
  • Final examination 30%

The test format includes short questions, multiple choice options, identifications, and essays discussing, comparing or synthesizing selected topics analyzed in class.


Other Course Information

Foreign Language majors with an option in Spanish are required to include at least two 400-level courses in their program of studies. Spanish 460 is one of four courses on that level and is offered every other spring semester.


Approval and Subsequent Reviews
September 2001 Reviewed Lenor A. Ulloa