Spanish 211

SPAN 211: Spanish for Health Care.

Prerequisites: SPAN 202 or four years of high school Spanish

Credit Hours: (3)

An introduction to technical vocabulary used by health care professionals when working in this field and to the health practices and systems in the Spanish speaking world. Students are exposed to idiomatic expressions used when meeting a patient, dealing with privacy issues, etc.  This class is not intended for native speakers.  Students cannot receive credit for SPAN 211 and SPAN 311.


Detailed Description of Content of Course

This course is designed to familiarize the student with the vocabulary used in the health field and to help their understanding of cultural differences, diverse beliefs, and perceptions when dealing with patients of Spanish speaking backgrounds.

The course will cover topics such as:

  • Introductions, greetings, farewells, and expressions of courtesy.
  • How to interview a patient when collecting information necessary for a patient’s personal medical history.
  • The human body.
  • Illnesses, pain, and other health problems.  Types (light, serious, chronic, etc), symptoms, causes, treatment, and prevention.
  • First aid and CPR.
  • Physical conditions.
  • In the emergency room.
  • The health system and health insurance in Spanish speaking countries.
  • Food, nutrition, and exercise.
  • Maternity and pediatrics
  • Drugs and unhealthy habits (smoking, stress, etc).
  • The pharmacy and some health practices (the dentist, the physical therapist, the psychologist)  


Detailed Description of Conduct of Course

This course will be conducted entirely in Spanish.
The class requires active participation by the students. The focus will be on oral communication and specific vocabulary acquisition.  Real-life situations will be simulated while in class in order to practice with vocabulary and expressions useful in the medical field.  A rich supplement of cultural topics will be analyzed and grammar review will be embedded in context.


Goals and Objectives of the Course

1. To develop a rich technical vocabulary in Spanish to be used at work in the medical field.
2. To acquire an understanding of the functioning of health systems as well as health practices in other Spanish-speaking countries and compare them to the system and practices in the United States.
3. To acquire basic skills necessary to effectively communicate in Spanish as a health care professional.


Assessment Measures

Assessment measures will include written assignments, oral presentations, quizzes and tests, participation in class and a final written exam and a final oral interview scheduled with the instructor at the end of the semester.


Other Course Information


Approval and Subsequent Reviews

March, 2010