Sociology 471

SOCY 471 Society and Film

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SOCY 471
Society and Film
Three hours lecture (3)

Prerequisites: SOCY 110 or SOCY/ANTH 121

This course is an examination of the social and cultural importance of film.  The central focus is on analyzing cinematic treatment of such things as gender, face, class, marriage and the family, and the impact of social change.

Detailed Description of Course
a.    Social subversion in film
b.    Cinematic treatment of male gender roles (failure of expression, paternal abandonment and abuse, and reaction to changing female roles)
c.    Changing cinematic treatment of female gender roles
d.    Cinematic treatment of race including the American Dilemma
e.    Cinematic treatment of social class
f.    Cinematic treatment of changing marriage and family patterns
g.    Cinematic treatment of the impact of social change (i.e., anomie)

Detailed Description of Conduct of Course
Each class will center on watching a full-length feature film as well as bits and pieces from other relevant films.  Preparatory to any session, students will be given materials pertaining to the socio-cultural import of the film to be viewed.  Student papers pertaining to socio-cultural issues related to each film will serve as the point of departure for discussin.

Goals and Objectives of the Course
Students will be expected, by the end of the semester, to have developed a reasonably high level of sophistication in analyzing film from a socio-cultural perspective.

Assessment Measures
Assessment measures will include papers, exams, and presentations related to social issues in films.

Other Course Information

Review and Approval
March, 2002    Passed Curriculum Committee

March, 2009