Religious Studies 420

RELN 420: Topics in Religious Studies

Prerequisite: Three hours in religious studies

Credit Hours: (3)

This course provides an opportunity for advanced study of a selected topic in religious studies. Examples of topics to be studied may include Zen Buddhism, goddesses, and the letters of Paul. The course may be taken up to three times with a different topic each time.


Detailed Description of Content of Course

Each time this course is offered the topic and a detailed description of the course content will be submitted to the Department Curriculum Committee for approval.


Detailed Description of Conduct of Course.

The course may involve lectures, discussions, videos, group presentations by students, individual presentations by students, small group discussions, field trips, and guest speakers.


Goals and Objectives of the Course

1. That students should have a deeper knowledge of the topic which is the theme of the course.
2. That students should increase their ability to think critically and analytically within the religious studies curriculum.
3. That students should enhance their ability to read analytically and critically selected primary and secondary sources significant for the academic study of religion. These sources might include: scriptures and religious texts, theological writings, historical accounts, social scientific analyses and other interpretive studies.
4. That students should improve their research, writing, and speaking skills.


Assessment Measures

This course will be taught by different faculty members and therefore each individual instructor will determine the specifics of the evaluation process. Assessment measures may include: essay examinations, quizzes, objective tests, journals, individual oral reports, group presentations, written assignments, projects, research papers, evaluation of class participation, and class attendance.


Other Course Information

This course fulfills a core requirement for Philosophy and Religious Studies majors with a religious studies concentration and may be used to fulfill a department elective for all Philosophy and Religious Studies majors.


Approval and Subsequent Reviews

May 1994 New course approved by Kim J. Kipling, Chr.
May 1995 Catalog entry revised. Kim J. Kipling, Chr.
January 27, 1997 Change in requirement for major and minor Approved VPAA
April 17, 1998 Reviewed Kim Kipling
September 25, 2001 Reviewed Kim Kipling