Psychology 663

PSYC 663: Childhood Psychopathology

Prerequisite: Graduate standing

Credit Hours: (3)

Utilizes an eclectic approach to the study of causes and diagnoses of childhood psychopathology. Definitions, concepts and theories of childhood psychopathology are covered. Emphasis will be on the current Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM).


Detailed Description of Content of Course

1. Historical Background
2. Methodological Confounds in the Study of Childhood Psychopathology
3. Overview of the Construction of the Current DSM
4. Review of Specific Diagnostic Categories to Include: Disorders of Childhood, Mood Disorders, Anxiety Disorders, and Psychoses
5. Theories Regarding the Etiology of the Above Disorders Will be Covered


Detailed Description of Conduct of Course

A lecture format with an emphasis on discussion will be used. Student presentations and papers will facilitate class discussions.


Goals and Objectives of the Course

The student will be familiar with the major diagnostic classifications for children, know how to diagnose utilizing the DSM, and be aware of current etiologic assumptions regarding childhood psychopathology.


Assessment Measures

Graded assignments may include in-class tests, a final examination, pop quizzes, the assignment and presentation of exercises, and projects, and class preparation and participation.


Other Course Information



Review and Approval

March 1999