Psychology 488

PSYC 488: Final Honors Project

Prerequisites: Enrollment in the Honors Academy, completion of all other Honors Academy requirements, a minimum of 3.5 GPA in all courses and in psychology.

Credit Hours (3).

Project and topic to be determined by the student, the faculty member with whom the student works, and the department. In order to receive honors credit, a student must earn a grade of “A” or “B” for the final project.

Note(s): Course may not be repeated.


Detailed Description of Content of Course

The student, under mentorship of a faculty member designs and implements a project in an area of Psychology in which the student is interested. While the specific subject matter of the project will vary, the project should exhibit an acceptable of scholarship on the part of the student.


Detailed Description of Conduct of Course

Specific course requirements are negotiated between the faculty advisor and the student.

Possibilities include library research on a specific topic, an "internship," an original research project, etc. The project and credit hours must be approved by the Department Curriculum Committee and Chairperson prior to the deadline for adding courses in the term in which the study is undertaken.


Goals and Objectives of the Course

Students will investigate specific problems or areas of interest under the direction of a faculty mentor.


Assessment Measures

Assessment measures are dependent upon the nature of the study. (See "C" above.)


Other Course Information



Review and Approval

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