Psychology 333

PSYC 333: Principles of Learning (NS Core)

Prerequisites: PSYC 121

Credit Hours: (3)

An introduction to fundamental principles, processes, and theories of experimental and applied learning. Topics may include classical and operant conditioning, observational learning, social learning, choice and matching, language, and animal cognition. Examines current applications of learning theory in applied settings, such as behavior modification and treatment of psychological disorders.

Note(s): This course fulfills one of the Natural Science core requirements for the psychology major and minor.


Detailed Description of Content of Course

1. Origins of Behavior
2. Reflexes in Relation to Operant Behavior
3. Aversive Control
4. Evaluating Control
5. Schedules of Reinforcement
6. Stimulus Control
7. Behavior Chains and Conditioned Reinforcement
8. Stimulus Control in Verbal Behavior
9. Complex Human Behavioral Processes
10. Behavioral Principles and Practical Problems in Human Behavior and Psychotherapy


Assessment Measures

Graded assignments include discussion of course material and completing oral examinations. The satisfactory completion of the laboratory projects is a significant part of the course requirements.


Other Course Information



Review and Approval

September 2001 Updated and put in new format Alastair V. E. Harris

March, 2010