Psychology 222

PSYC 222: Orientation to the Psychology Major

Prerequisites: Psychology major; recommended for majors with less than 18 hours of PSYC courses

Credit Hours: (1)

Introduces students to psychology as it is practiced in academic and professional settings, with the goal of enhancing students understanding of career possibilities in the field. Students will also learn how to manage their undergraduate psychology education to prepare for careers related to psychology.


Detailed Description of Course

Major topics to be covered in the course may include:

Section 1: Psychology at RU

1. What makes Psychology different from other fields?
2. Requirements for the Psychology major
3. Study skills for Psychology majors
4. Documenting your skills in Psychology

Section 2: Psychology as a Career

5. Career possibilities with an undergraduate degree
6. Career possibilities with a graduate degree
7. Preparing for graduate study

Section 3: Beyond the major

8. Basic vs. applied psychology
9. Ethical obligations of psychologists


Detailed Description of Conduct of Course

Psyc 122 will be taught in a lecture-discussion format, with time explicitly set aside for student discussion of course material and professional practice in psychology. Group projects, films, slides, videos, computer software, and other audiovisual aids will be used to help students develop their knowledge of how Psychology is practiced at RU and the various career possibilities in Psychology


Student Goals and Objectives of the Course

Having successfully completed the course, the student should be able to:

1. Identify the requirements for the psychology major
2. Explain the difference between the psychology major and other majors in the social sciences, natural sciences and humanities
3. Demonstrate knowledge of effective study skills
4. Know how to present a portfolio of documents which demonstrate the student’s achievement and experience in psychology
5. Understand the differences in career possibilities with an undergraduate versus a graduate degree in psychology.
6. Demonstrate a knowledge of what will be required to successfully apply for graduate study in psychology
7. Demonstrate an understanding of the relationship between psychology as a science and psychology as an applied field.
8. Demonstrate knowledge of ethical principles which govern psychological research and practice.


Assessment Measures

Student progress will be assessed with a variety of measures which may include any/all of the following: in-class examinations composed of objective and/or essay questions a final examination in-class quizzes case study analyses critiques of popular and professional writings other writing assignments.


Other Course Information

Speakers from the University as well as the medical community who have expertise in topics relevant to the course may be brought in as guest lecturers.


Review and Approval

November 2008