Political Science 498

POSC 498
Independent Study

Catalog Entry

POSC 498. Independent Study, (AG; CG; IR; PT)
Credit Hours (1-3).

Prerequisites: Eighteen hours of Political Science and permission of instructor.

Students must get approval of department on proposed program in semester preceding that in which independent study is anticipated. Course may carry one to three hours credit a semester and may be repeated up to six semester hours. Offered as required. See "Independent Study" in current catalog.


Detailed Description of Content of Course

POSC 498 can be taken for credit in the following fields: Comparative Government, American Government, International Relations, and Political Theory.

The course consists of a regime of study thought suitable by the instructor. Such a regime might consist of directed research, directed reading and reviews, an individual tutorial, or a combination of the above.

  • The course is offered by each member of the department.
  • Students will contact the desired instructor for specific details.
  • It should be noted that POSC 498 is not intended as a substitute for courses listed in the regular catalog. Rather, POSC 498 is intended to provide intensive study in a field not regularly offered.


Detailed Description of Conduct of the Course

As an Independent Study the primary responsibility for the work in this course should lie with the student. It is up to the student to suggest a line of inquiry and program of study. The course can be accomplished through tutorials, regular discussion of accepted readings, and/or the accomplishment of a research project.


Goals and Objectives

1. To foster a sense of independence on the part of the student in conducting a project for which he/she is primarily responsible.
2. To permit the in-depth study of a topic or problem of personal interest within the context of the discipline.


Assessment Measures

The grade for this course may be determined by the final project, demonstration of satisfactory comprehension of readings, an oral or written examination, or some combination of these.


Other Course Information



Review and Approval

April 1998 Reviewed M.J. Franck, Dept. Chair