Political Science 445

POSC 445
Government and Politics in the Developing World

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POSC 445. Government and Politics in the Developing World. (CG)
Three hours lecture and discussion (3).

Prerequisite: POSC 231

Analysis of processes, problems and prospects of modernization in underdeveloped areas of the world. Asian, African, and Latin American countries are used as examples.


Detailed Description of Content of Course

Topics may include:

I. Introduction

A. Why study comparative politics?
B. Why study the "Third World?"
C. Scope and methods of comparative politics
D. Methodology: The study of developing countries

II. The Western Experience of Modernization
III. The Developing Nations: Some Common Problems and Characteristics
IV. Modernization: What it Entails

A. "Traditional" society and government
B. "Modern" society and government
C. The Process of Modernization

1. Social
2. Political
3. Economic

D. The choices of Modernization
E. Nationalism and National Integration

V. Alternative Paths and Models of Modernization
VI. Ideology in the Developing Nations
VII. Government and Economics in the Developing Nations
IX. Political Systems of the Developing Nations
X. The International Sphere


Detailed Description of Conduct of Course

An informal lecture course, which provides for extensive discussion and student‑teacher dialogue.


Goals and Objectives of the Course

  • To offer an upper division course which satisfies the CG requirement for the political science major.
  • To offer the course in accordance with the university catalog.
  • To provide the student with extensive review and analyses of the considerable problem of political development.
  • To expose the student to non‑western formulations of political, social, and economic development.


Assessment Measures

Grade for the course may be determined by exams, quizzes, student presentations, class participation, and research and/or essay papers.


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February1999 Title change M. J. Franck, Dept. Chair