Political Science 390

POSC 390

Topics in Political Science

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POSC 390

Topics in Political Science. (AG, PA, IR, CG, PT, Depending on course content)

Three hours lecture (3)

Prerequisites: Junior standing, political science major, or permission of the instructor.

Detailed study of a topic in political science.  May be taken for a maximum of six hours credit with a different topic each time.


Detailed Description of Course

Women and Politics (example)

1. Why study women and politics?

2. Gender difference in political consciousness and participation

3. Public space/private space
a.  Feminist political thought
b.  The connection between freedom and political action
c.  Inclusion, exclusion and politics

4.  The legal rights of women

5.  Feminist approaches to social movements, community, and power
a.  Women in American politics
b.  Women and political action in developing nations


Detailed Description of Conduct of Course

Course will use lecture, discussion, films, and appropriate engagement activities.


Goals and Objectives of the Course

1.      Students will demonstrate research skills related to a topic or issue in political science;
2.    Students will be able to analyze political concepts related to the topic studied and use them to interpret the topic or issue;
 3.   Students will demonstrate oral and written presentation skills related to the topic;
4.    Students will be able to explain political factors that influence individuals’ ideas and behaviors concerning the topic;
5.    Students will be able to use political concepts appropriate to the topic.


Assessment Measures

Course will rely on a variety of assessment measures including examinations, discussion, case studies, portfolios, oral presentations, and research papers.


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Review and Approval

March 2009