Political Science 351

POSC 351
Model United Nations (IR)

1. Catalog Entry

POSC 351
Model United Nations (IR)

Credit hours (3)
Prerequisite: POSC 241 or permission of instructor

Introduction to United Nations issues and organization. This course focuses on active learning through simulation of international diplomacy, speech making, negotiation, and foreign policy development. It requires travel to a Model United Nations conference.

2. Detailed Description of Course

This course teaches students about the United Nations and guides them in developing the skills necessary to simulate international diplomacy.

3. Detailed Description of Conduct of Course

Lecture, discussion designed to help students: (1) develop skills in negotiation, leadership, knowledge of international affairs, and (2) write resolutions.  The culminating experience is participating in a college-level inter-collegiate Model United Nations conference.

4. Goals and Objectives of the Course

    1) Students acquire foundational knowledge in the Politics subfield of International Organizations.
    2) Students will develop their abilities to find and critically use information on issues facing the global community.
    3) Students will enhance their oral communication skills.

5. Assessment Measures

May include quizzes, oral presentations, issue papers.

6. Other Course Information


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June 15, 2015