Philosophy 498

PHIL 498: Independent Study

Prerequisite: Junior standing; department approval

Credit Hours: (1-6)

Since by its design an Independent Study course has no common format or subject matter, it is not possible to create one syllabus. Any topic which enhances the components of the student's major and which is approved by each of the signers on the application form is acceptable. Independent Study regulations for the entire University are published in the Undergraduate Catalog.


Detailed Description of Content of Course

No applicable


Detailed Description of Conduct of Course

Variable with each Independent Study


Goals and Objectives of the Course

Students should:

1. Have the quality of their majors enhanced.
2. Gain information about topics which cannot be regularly offered or included in the catalog of courses.


Assessment Measures

Since each study is individually designed and there can be no common format, assessment will be different in each case. However, each Independent Study in this department requires some type of special project which "fits" that study.


Other Course Information



Approval and Subsequent Reviews

October 1992 None Charles D. Taylor
May 1995 None Kim J. Kipling
April 17, 1998 Reviewed Kim Kipling
September 18, 2001 Reviewed Kim Kipling