Philosophy 490

PHIL 490: Philosophy Internship

Prerequisites: 18 hours of Philosophy; junior or senior standing; minimum 3.0 in major; approval of the department chairperson

Credit Hours: (3-12)

Note(s): Grading will be on A-F basis. No more than 3 credit hours may be applied toward the requirements for the major.

Offers an opportunity through experiential learning to apply Philosophy skills in a career-oriented atmosphere. The internship consists of a one or two semester placement with a business, governmental agency, or service organization interested in utilizing a philosophy background and critical and analytic thinking skills, research and writing skills, and knowledge of issues addressed in the study of philosophy.


Detailed Description of Content of Course

Each proposal for an internship must include a description of the course's content. That description should detail the experiences and the experiential learning that will be central features of the internship, the nature and purposes of associated reading and/or writing assignments, and the nature and purposes of any associated projects that will be a part of the internship.


Detailed Description of Conduct of Course

A formal internship will be arranged by the Office of Experiential Learning, the Philosophy and Religious Studies Department, the Office of Material Management, and responsible persons in a cooperating organization. Interns may be paid or not paid.

Students must have an understanding of and meet all qualifications set by the university and the internship agency regarding contractual agreements and obligations contained in the Student Internship Agreement and signed by appropriate university and internship agency representatives and the student. Students must meet all qualifications of the participating agency such as age, citizenship, physical condition, employment tests, and dress and conduct codes. Student applicants must be interviewed and accepted for the internship by both the employing agency and the faculty supervisor.

The agency supervisor provides on-the-job instruction and guidance and regular evaluations of the intern's work. The faculty supervisor follows up on each intern, closely checking on training and experience obtained at work, and serving as a mediator to resolve any problems that may arise during the internship. Evaluations of progress will occur at regular intervals throughout the internship. The faculty supervisor and the student will determine specific requirements for the course, but the student will be expected to behave like an employee of the agency. S/he will be evaluated based on conduct such as attendance, quantity and quality of work performed, and ability to cooperate with others in the agency.

Students may enroll for internship credit ranging from a minimum of 3 credit hours to a maximum of 12 credit hours. Only 3 credit hours may be used toward the requirements for the major. Students are expected to work at least 120 hours for each 3 hours of academic credit. The internship may require more than minimal hours. Students who are working or have been working in either a full-time or part-time position in an agency may not enroll as an intern in that same function.


Goals and Objectives of the Course

The goal of this course is to provide an opportunity for philosophy students to integrate knowledge and skills that they have learned in the classroom outside the classroom.

Specific internship goals and objectives include:

  • To integrate knowledge of philosophical theories, method, and classroom experience into practical use;
  • To develop and apply critical thinking skills;
  • To develop and apply writing and oral communication skills;
  • To enhance students’ qualifications for future employment and/or graduate school opportunities;
  • To provide students with first-hand experience about the type of employment that suits the students’ aspirations.

Each proposal for an internship must include a description of the goals and objectives. These goals can be both content and process centered.


Assessment Measures

Grading will be done on an A-F basis. Each proposal for an internship must include an exact description of how the student's performance will be evaluated. Although exact grading requirements may vary according to the nature of the individual internship experience, typical requirements include:

  • The successful completion of at least the minimum number of hours required for academic credit;
  • The regular and punctual attendance at the internship site;
  • The on-site supervisor’s rating of the student’s performance;
  • The faculty supervisor’s evaluation of the student’s performance may be based on the following: evidence of completion of reading assignments, journals or other types of informal writing, and/or formal research projects/papers.


Other Course Information

Proposals for an internship must not replicate the content of established courses. They should provide opportunities for students to study and perform in ways that established courses do not permit.


Approval and Subsequent Reviews

October 24, 2000 New Course Approved by VPAA
September 18, 2001 Reviewed Kim Kipling