Philosophy 366

PHIL 366: Philosophy Travel Course

Prerequisites: Approval of the Office of Student Affairs and instructor

Credit Hours: (3)

This course combines a selected topic in philosophy with international or domestic travel, providing opportunities for “on location” study of especially the history of philosophy, in line with the department’s commitment to that history. This course may be taken again for credit with different topics or areas of study. This course may be taken twice with a different topic each time.


Detailed Description of Content of Course

This course provides for combining the content of existing PHIL courses and/or new or specialized course content with travel, international or domestic. The Department Curriculum Committee will review the course each time it is taught.


Detailed Description of Course

This course will combine classroom teaching with international or domestic travel. Topics in philosophical history or eras in the history of philosophy will be targeted each time the course is taught. The Department Curriculum Committee will review course content and schedule each time it is taught.


Detailed Description of Conduct of Course

In addition to travel, this course may include lectures, discussions, videos, group and individual presentations, and guest speakers.


Student Goals and Objectives of the Course

1. Students will identify geographic features and relate those features to the philosophical topic or era in the history of philosophy to which the course is oriented.

2. Students will demonstrate familiarity with the persons and events of the locations being visited and relate their contributions/effects to the history of philosophy.

3. Students will analyze the history of philosophy in light of their travel experience and explain how their travel experience impacts their understanding of the particular time period.

4. Each student’s ability to read philosophical texts critically and analyze historical reconstructions will be tested in light of the information gleaned through the travel experience.

                *The methods used to measure these objectives will be determined by the instructor.


Assessment Measures

Different faculty members may teach this course. Each individual instructor will determine the specifics of the evaluation process. Assessment measures may include: essay examinations, quizzes, objective tests, journals, individual oral reports, group presentations, written assignments, projects, research papers, evaluation of class participation, and class attendance.


Other Course Information

This course may be used to fulfill a department elective for all Philosophy and Religious Studies majors. All course information is subject to review by the Department Curriculum Committee each time the course is taught.

Review and Approval

March 28, 2012