Philosophy 320

PHIL 320: Metaphysics

Prerequisite: Three hours of philosophy

Credit Hours: (3)

This course examines basic theories of reality such as materialism, idealism, and dualism. Among the philosophical issues addressed are the following: the nature of mind, the mind-body problem, free will and determinism, and nature of space and time, and proofs concerning the existence of God.


Detailed Description of the Content of the Course

This course is an examination of various theories of the nature of reality as well as the following topics: the nature of mind, free-will, determinism, the mind-body problem, the nature of God, space and time.


Detailed Description of the Conduct of the Course

This course will follow the lecture/seminar format. Student participation is expected.


Goals and Objectives of the Course

Students should:

1. Develop an understanding of the basic metaphysical issues and problems.
2. Know how the basic metaphysical issues relate to the other areas of philosophy.
3. Become familiar with the terminology of metaphysics.


Assessment Measures

The course uses essay tests, short papers, and in class discussion to measure the students' comprehension of the course materials.


Other Course Information

This course counts as a department elective for Philosophy and Religious Studies majors.


Approval and Subsequent Reviews

August 1991 Updated to a three credit-hour course. Charles D. Taylor, Chair
May 1994 None Kim J. Kipling, Chair
May 1995 Catalog entry revised. Kim J. Kipling, Chair
January 27, 1997 Course number change Approved by VPAA
April 17, 1998 Reviewed Kim Kipling
September 18, 2001 Reviewed Kim Kipling