International Studies 489A

INST 489A: Study Abroad Practicum with AustraLearn

Prerequisites: Consult Director of International Education

Credits Hours: (12-18)

Open to all majors. This is an affiliate program that allows a student to study a variety of subjects with over a dozen universities in Australia and New Zealand. Affiliate programs allow students to maintain RU student status while abroad thus allowing them continued access to financial aid and future registration at RU. Students must complete an RU Study Abroad Registration and course Approval Form outlining courses to be taken and approved before leaving to study abroad. Grade values are pass/fail and the awarding of specific course credit is determined at the conclusion of the experience and when official transcripts are received by the Office of the Registrar. Scholarships are possible.

Review and Approval
September 2001 Reviewed and Approved Dr. Joseph W. Flory