Interdisciplinary Studies 498

IDST 498
Independent Study in Interdisciplinary Studies

1. Catalog Entry

IDST 498
Independent Study in Interdisciplinary Studies

Credit hours (1-6)
Prerequisite: IDST 250 and permission of instructor

Opportunity to engage in advanced undergraduate research projects in Interdisciplinary Studies under the supervision of faculty mentors. IDST 498 offers students the opportunity to investigate specific interdisciplinary areas of interest.

2. Detailed Description of Course

Course content will vary based on student interests and proposed projects.

3. Detailed Description of Conduct of Course

During IDST 498 students will complete a project developed in consultation with faculty mentors. Students will also collaborate with faculty to determine course products and associated evaluations.

4. Goals and Objectives of the Course

Specific student goals and objectives for the course will vary based upon the different projects conducted. However, in general, students will conduct interdisciplinary research, bringing together at least two areas of concentration to examine a topic and create an appropriate product.

5. Assessment Measures

Students and faculty mentors will define appropriate products and associated assessment measures for student projects.

6. Other Course Information


Review and Approval

April 23, 2014